Party in the Evening of Eden

was invite ONLY!
And the way that they drank,
you'd swear  that this union was Holy.
designer labels
white-clothed tables...
ripping and roaring
like A N I M A L S
released from their stables.
They spoke of their lives.
Their stories
sounded  like fables!
They pigged out on food
just because  they were A B L E.
Champagne dripped
from their lips
to their navels,
stumblin'  about
like their limbs were disabled.
Their networks were merged...
with servers,
programmed like cable,
to dish out the spread
. . .'cause they F I N A G L E D  the BAGEL.
The music was L I V E
and they shucked  and they jived.
They loosened their ties
and laughed  'til they cried
with the darkest mascara
runnin' down from their eyes.
This is a S C E N E
you might've seen
in your D R E A M S
where the setting was clean
and the less that you gave
then the more you RECEIVED
of whatever you need.
Heaven for fiends
in a Garden of Green.

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