FBI vs. The Church of Scientology

(Today's Interview with Matt Lauer and Lawrence Write on Human Rights Violations in the Church of Scientology--- 2/7/2011) 

The Church of Scientology will always be a mystery. Peep the original New Yorker Article.

Liz Hickok Builds Sculptures out of Jell-O

(pictures courtesy of InHabitat.com)

[BooMBuSSiT] Lady Luck and the Unsolved Mystery

Knock, knockin'
in a red dress---
She was banging at the door.
Hot stuff,
Lady Luck,
many labeled her whore
it wasn't trickin' 'less you got her
highly favored ones implored;
She's a player to the core...
and never truly yours...
But anyway...
she was banging at his door!
Needs no invitation,
he was pacin' polished floors.
Said she had a case..
said she wants him to explore...
His private eye detected
she was after something more,
but regardless of intentions
he was absolutely sure
that it didn't really matter;
  what the fuck
she lookin' for.
He offered her a seat,
and o u t s t r e t c h e d his feet,
and grabbed an extra pen out his lower-level drawer.
He thought,
as the clues began to pour,
and he jotted down the facts
like a prospect on a tour;
She offered him the bank;
straight flowin' , like a mini reservoir,
not to mention
she was fashioned to the caliber
of something similar
to Christian Dior... 
(To Be Continued...)

Numerology: I am Number Four

I want to see this movie. Not because I think it will amaze me with its cinematic quality (although it might), but for the subtle hints of a discourse on Numerology. 4 is the number representing Rational Thought, and the movie starts off in medias res with 1, 2, and 3 (symbolizing the Trinity) already dead. I don't want to jump the gun, but perhaps the underlying message of this movie is to prepare audiences for a more rational world. This isn't the first movie to explore the 9 mystical numbers of Numerology. The Pixar movie 9 was pretty amazing, as well. Check it out and look into some numerology.

Bjarke Ingels Reveals Sloped Residential Tower

Famous architect Bjarke Ingels reveals West 57th in NYC. 

Check out the photos courtesy of InHabitiat.com: 



A Thousand Watt Smile

This is a real product. On Sale. In stores. See, this is what I'm talking about. Childhood is becoming a mythological place, like Never Never Land. If children aren't smiling, maybe we should ask them what's wrong! THIS is what's wrong! Desensitization. Peep the description, courtesy of Neatorama.com:

"This new invention just hooks on your child’s ears like glasses while another portion fits snuggly under the chin. Ok so what is the twist? How about electro shock treatment? Yes the portion under the chin sends a constant pulse of electricity through your child’s cheeks.
Set the electro smile unit on high and snap that smile right into place, no more worries about grandma feeling the kids are not happy to see her. The sudden jolt of electricity in the jaw muscles forces the child to smile with complete body excitement giving grandma the appearance the kids have really missed her."
She has a sick smile.

Scold’s Bridle: Bitch, Don't Talk Back!

The Science Museum in London, England has a new exhibit that explores the evolution of medicine, starting with medieval times. I saw this picture of  this16th century "remedy" for outspoken women and screamed for dramatic effect. Apparently, women who spoke to much, whether it be that they had something to say or were saying to much in the nature of gossiping, had to where this contraption and parade themselves around town.

Scary. I guess this is the watered down version of the "bits" they used to make slaves where during Colonial America for talking back to "Massah." Here's the description that accompanies the bridle in the museum: 

"Time spent in the bridle was normally allocated as a punishment by a local magistrate. The custom developed in Britain in the 1500s, and spread to some other European countries, including Germany. When wearing the mask it was impossible to speak. This example has a bell on top to draw even more attention to the wearer, increasing their humiliation. It was used until the early 1800s as a punishment in workhouses."

Not only do I think the stars for the marvel of modern science, I also think this should serve as a constant reminder to appreciate your voice.

[ BooMBuSSiT Analysis] MOMENT FOR LIFE by Nicki Minaj

I want to begin this by saying 'Moment 4 Life' is one of my favorite songs of 2010 and this video concept is already on my favorites list for 2011. Not only are the lyrics thick in double entendres and esoteric imagery, but the beat is catchy as hell! But anywho...

The video starts off with a fairytale introduction, insinuating that Hip Hop Queen, Nicki Minaj, has timelessly enchanted the Hip Hop game.Timelessness, in general, is the new reoccurring theme of  21st century pop culture. We've embraced what is known as the 'Power of Now'(Check out the book Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment); which basically sums up Einstein's epiphany that time is about relativity and not about clocks.

Furthermore, Nicki's "Godmother" is the mythology she's created for herself (for the purpose of this video) to describe the concept of the 'god-body;'  or her ego, the part of her that makes all of her dreams come true. This is also a reoccurring theme in pop culture, and the music industry ('You betta ask somebody' *HOV Voice*). It also refers to the fact that she might be suffering from multiple personality disorder. I love her regardless, so we won't speak on that lol. Point blank, like her expression before the music cues, this betch is insane.

As she enters the party (ALMOST LIKE MY CONCEPT OF A PARTY IN THE EVENING OF EDEN!!!!), we see the pillars in the background. The dual pillars are known as the PILLARS OF HERCULES (similar to what Kanye did with the POWER music video), and it is no coincidence that the pillars blatantly frame her in the shot as she asks her fans to "clap for the heavy weight champ." In the same manner, the chandelier hangs over her head, appearing as a halo. VERY ESOTERIC. Very well done.

Next, Drake is introduced to the video. The camera focuses on the "spiral" in the gate of the balcony, from where Drake observes the party. A poet might take this to mean that Drake is literally "caught up in a whirlwind" as he observes Nicki's "flowing" trail. Very cool. Also, Drake and Nicki have been deemed hip hop royalty by "countless" magazines. It seems that since they both started with Young Money, their hip hop careers will forever be intrinsically intertwined. Like two royals making eye contact at an extravagant ball, they have this crazy connection because they see eye to eye on this whole experience.

Next is Drake's verse, and all we see is more pillars echoing in the background, as if greatness is calling the both of them. We see his and her chairs, like thrones...and Drake says some things that hint at him feeling enlightened. For example:

"You a star in my eye. You and all these white girls, Party of Five."
 -> Star in my eye...not star in my eyes. Eye of Horus reference. Then the star in the beginning of the line is tied to the number five at the end of the line... like a 5 point star...the pentagram. I think he's calling Nicki a witch, like the four girls from that movie "The Craft" starring Neve Cambell from that show "Party of Five." It's cool, though, Wayne already called Nicki "the superb witch."

"Young King, pay me in gold..."
-> Possibly a reference to the conspiracy of the New World Bank and how the dollar wont be worth anything, hence the increase in commercials for government buying back all of our gold. *shrugs* clever.


There's so much I could say about it but I'll leave it at that. 

During the final chorus, they both take their turn walking into the dark side... preparing us for their magical wedding...Nicki's fairy godmother sets it up. Nicki is wearing her pink wig, with a flowing green outfit and much like a siren of the sea, she has the flow that captures the heart of her prince, Drake, and also allows her to be "married to the game" for life. The final shot would even lead me to believe that the director was trying to go for that Adam and Eve feel, in a garden of green...money. SO CLEVER.

Well that was a #BooMBuSSiT break down, for ya. Hope that gives you a greater appreciation of for the video and Young MULAH, baybayyyy.

[BooMBuSSiT] Sex in Transit

I wrote this for a friend who rode out a bad relationship for wayyyyy too long. 

He's so cold
She's shivering.
  She's so deep
he's sinking in...
He calls again.
Her pulse quickening
  and it's sickening...
how heat rise with them,
when she rides for him,
and when night fall comes,
she dies for him.

And when sunrise runs,
she cries after it.
Not quite sure what's happening.
Is she... imagining
her knees fastening?
Heart strings held tight,
now, just slackening?

 The train moves fast,
and they're packin' in.
This couple sits down
and starts grappling.
But with her head phones in,
She's P I C T U R I N G
how it's gonna feel like
to get back to him.

The train rides made her back go soar;
  not quite sure why she's ON IT for.
  The climate's poor,
  and the lack of discourse
on how their tracks have crisscrossed
is bound to ex out
their unreasonable,

BUT she's his Doll
and he's her Soldier
and they'll play house
till IT blows over.
UnTil then...
her train's here now;
  she'll still come over
like a game of Red Rover.

Emma Watson for People Tree (Spring 2011)

Courtesy of ecouterre.com
"Made entirely of fair-trade and certified-organic cotton, with pops of silk for good measure, the full collection will go on sale on Feb. 28, in celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight 'I designed the collection last year after I’d started university in the U.S.,' says Watson. 'We took care to design a really wearable collection that truly celebrates the traditional skills of People Tree’s fair-trade groups around the world.' -ecouterre.com
Check out some designs from Hermione:

PIERS MORGAN: The Simon Cowell of Interviewing

After a 25 year run, the conclusion of the Larry King Live show has brought about a new King of person to person interviewing. British personality Piers Morgan is proving to be quite the interrogator, asking questions that very few dare to touch upon. His interview lineup has been quite diverse and impressive in his first two weeks. Last Night was Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, the night before Christian sensation Joel Osteen, and his first interview was Oprah (probably the one interviewer more daring than he is). He's a rude Brit with a knack for getting down to the bottom of things.

I encourage everyone to catch his show on CNN at 9pm EST!


In light of the protest going on, I thought it'd be fitting to do a throwback to M.I.A.'s video 'Born Free.' The Militia State... is this a reality for the future?


Magic Highway USA (1958)

How do we feel about this, considering Obama's announcement last night during his speech?

This is an excerpt from the DisneyLand TV show in 1958!


Chris Brown is DOING THE DAMN THING!!! Two mixtapes over the summer and album waiting to drop. Get That. Check out his blog MECHANICAL DUMMY.

Breezy Art...Style from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

What You Say Comes Back Around

Careful what you, because words can come back around...

Daily FML: Chemistry Edition

Ever wonder what your day would be like without chemistry? No? Eh, me neither. But the American Chemical Society did! Check out this video they made to illustrate... APPRECIATE the bonds.


"The Animal in Man..."

State of the Union Address '11

For the most part, I enjoyed this speech. It solidified my opinion that the United States will now be taking pointers from other countries, as far as transportation and education are concerned, in future years. The summation of the Presidents words last night equaled to this: WE HAVE FALLEN BEHIND. I encourage the everyone to check out my friend's blog DON'T FORGET THE HOT SAUCE  for valuable opinion of the temperament of the room and the speech.

I hope y'alls also peeped something ODD. Why was McCain, Obama's past opponent, SO enthused through out the speech? Turns out...he's Obama's possible running mate for the 2012 election? (American Thinker) Interesting. Is politics just a puppet show? Sometimes, I wonder...

Watch the speech for yourself and form some opinions!

[BooMBuSSiT] For Heaven's Sake

F L A S H of blinding light
exposed Time's trick.
The allied cold and the ailing sick
were both cured
with just one sip
of the Elixir of Truth:
The body is a foolish illusion.
Humans are so  deluded.
Perfection obtained
does NOT satisfy the convoluted
of LOOKING insane.
When we see Heaven
we'll be out of our brains;
all feel the same.
We'll be free of the physical,
free of the chains
of our original sin...
that is,
being human.
Who, THEN,
could see your differences,
when they cannot see themselves
in a condition to judge you?
At the end of Time,
there is no choice
but to love YOU;
no One above you,
just of you
and the source
of light
that was there
way  before
you knew
to say
"I'm afraid of the night!"
For Heaven's sake,
such an occurrence sounds impossible,
and yet  it's coming.
Whether we like it or not,
whether the weather
is freezing or hot,
Heaven's on the way...

I-Phone Comes to Verizon...

Apple has completely adopted the theory of Manifest Destiny. It will soon take over the world. But for now, it takes over Verizon Wireless with a $30 data plan. My BLACK BERRY data plan is $50. Is Verizon trying to tell me something or...?


A BooMBuSSiT collage.

Teach me how to Dougie...

OWWWW... WAVY! lol.
Check out True-face.com

[VISUAL POEM]: Party in the Evening of Eden // [BooMBuSSiT]

Party in the Evening of Eden from AnnMargaret Tutu on Vimeo.
Visual depiction of the contemporary Garden of Eden.

Hey, everyone!!! I'm happy to premiere my first visual storytelling for one of my poems...  

This is just the first of many more to come...and a HUGE THANK YOU to  
 for the production of this piece. 
Please spread the word... and follow me on Twitter... @BooMBuSSiT


Guys, check out my friend and up and coming artist ASA JACKSON. His art is incredible and he has a clothing line to match. You may have already seen the promotional video I posted a few weeks ago. Well, check out more!!

New Single: LOOK AT ME NOW// Chris Brown x Busta Rhymes x Lil Wayne

Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes- Look At Me Now [2011 Exclusive] by •°•DJ Alex•°•

Makes me wanna just hit my dougie...

The Unexamined Eye...

Suren Manvelyan is a photographer and physics teacher. He’s created a series of detailed images of the human eye called “Your Beautiful Eyes”:
The 34-year-old from Yerevan, Armenia, explains: ‘It is quite natural when you shoot macro shots of insects and plants, but to try to make a picture of the eye? I did not expect these results.
‘I was not aware they are of such complicated appearance. Everyday we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.’
(Excerpt from Neatorama.com)

Check out the photos below!