Wise Words Wednesday with Serrano Legrand

Recently, I had a debate with Dr. Carl J Schramm, President and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation (Valued at Nearly 5 BILLION dollars) about Social Entrepreneurship. The reality: I STILL want to CHANGE the World THROUGH Business and believe in the POWER of it...
"Find something you believe in. Once you find this, challenge the best. When you challenge the best and align it  with your own fortitude and analysis of outside discoveries, you are able to articulate your own discovery. Upon self-discovery, YOU WILL BE THE BEST. You will be GREAT." -Serrano Legrand
In short, GREATness inspires GREATness. If you can't inspire others to want to be GREAT, then your reality is off. Your search for self-discovery will remain the very thing you started off with: a search.

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