Harry Potter: International Cult?

Sitting back in my reclining chair at the movie theaters about a week ago, I started to think about the ritualistic nature of movie-going. We pay too much for the experience; meaning we consider going to the movies a VALUABLE experience.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One) grossed an obscene amount of money in its opening weekend, and it was only after my friends and I cut a line, that would soon wind around corners of a rather large theater, that I realized how cult-like the whole Harry Potter craze really is.

People (notice how I didn't say children) dressed up as Harry, Ron, and Hermione ALL OVER THE WORLD, clutching books like bibles, reciting spells, waiting for the visual manifestation of an enchanted story. By no means am I religious conservative zealot, or even observing with a critical eye. It just amazes me that words can hold so much power.

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