The Best Friend Syndrome

A L W A Y S there for her,
he forever cared for her
through many a-drunk nights.
He'd seen too many cat fights
over OTHER guys
deemed more "likable"
HE wasn't considered excitable
enough for her.
She preferred
to be J U S T friends.
BEST friends.
With him
and this girl Kim...
and this other girl Stacy...
He'd get S P A C E Y
whenever she spoke
about jesters who joked
and were 
TOO foolish
to take her seriously
while SHE 
and HE
would E E R I L Y
do something simultaneously
that snapped them back to reality...
and he was love sick
and home alone
with his only remedy.
He'd do anything 
for the longevity
of their conversation.
Her lips moved so heavenly
about her conflicted situations.
And he was DYING with anticipation
for HIS
"seven minutes in heaven" kiss
on her couch.
his ego hurt so bad
it made him wanna scream, "OUCH!"
Get drunk
off several stouts
and rock out
to shout out:
"I don't know what I'd do without you"
because IT was THERE
especially when she  
FLIPPED her hair
but It would be GONE in the morning.
He'll be forever WANTING
something MORE.

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