Politically Relevant Pop Culture on 90210

Courtesy of Hollywoodlife.com

This episode the CWs 90210 was juicy for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because we got a feel of Teddy's deep-rooted  insecurities about his own sexuality. His outburst of calling his future love interest (that's my prediction) a "faggot" aligns itself with the recent media coverage of homophobic bullying. Hip, hip, hooray to 90210 producers for trying to make the show socially relevant for their teen viewers.

As if that wasn't enough, they also did white America (and, most likely, other minority groups) a favor by very subtly explaining the idea of the "light-skinned" African-American. Tristan Wilds and Evan Ross are not the same kind of "black," and I think the way they introduced Ross' characters race exes out the idea the infamous saying that "all black people look the same." Great episode!
Tristan Wilds
Evan Ross and, mom, Diana Ross

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