So, the senate has voted on a new Food Safety Act.

Here's the breakdown:

->The FDA would have recall power on tainted goods, but would not be able to sue individual producers for knowingly selling contaminated goods.

->Food producers would have to write safety plans for the government's records, in the case of an outbreak. (I wonder if the FDA will ask for a safety plan before or after a recall...)

Apparently, though, if producers sell directly to the people, they don't have to write a safety plan, because the consumer knows where the products are coming from. 

->The Secretary of Health and Human Services would be required to create a tracing system to identify and stop foodborne illnesses from spreading as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

-> Importers would have to verify goods with U.S. food safety standards.

Do you think the government should have that much foothold in the food industry? Does this affect Taco Bell in anyway? Lol

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