So, Obama is the figurative "man in the middle" in the debate over the tax cut deal that congress is set to vote on. Liberal democrats are upset, because the deal calls for a tax cut for the wealthiest americans. But it also could stop taxes from going up, if Congress votes in its favor. 

I say, regardless of how congress votes, the GOP is winning...

Once upon a time, American politics was very tied to the traditional party titles. These days, it seems there is no beating around the bush: politics is no longer SIMPLY about the different philosophies of running a free state, but more so a debate about the state of the economy. There is no denying the financial schism of the wealthy and the workers. 

On another note, Does Obama seem less smooth in delivering this address, or is it just me? I swear, it's more noticeable than usual that he's reading off of cue cards. That makes me feel nervous. Not only that,  he seems more "high-yellow" in this video than I've ever seen him look before. I want to say that his checkerboard anecdote was an allusion to a greater transition in the political climate, but I don't want to be negative lol. Watch the video! 

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