Appreciating Art: Kyla Paolucci

Sentient Nation appreciates the art of up and coming graphic designer and artist, Kyla Paolucci, deals with the expressions of human thought and emotion.

"I attempt to represent the internal nature of a being by external means, whether it be through grotesque figures or abstract mark-making."- Kyla Paolucci

Though her work is an artistic manifestation of her own experience, she hopes others will find comfort in it, too: "Very influenced by suffering life as well as all of life's kicks." She uses materials that are inexpensive or free and plays with multiple mediums that partner with color choice. There is a playful and juvenile quality to her work that acquires sophistication in its own nature. "It is about searching for the unconscious mind, finding the balance between the internal and the external, and trusting the self." Check out a few of her pieces and stay on the look out for more!

(Though you may not be able to tell, the main material used for this piece was construction paper!)

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