Can We Make A Run For It? by AnnMargaret

Can we make a run for it?
We'd slip out
and dip out
of the dead of this night.
My baggage is packed
and it's zipped up
mad tight.
I've been pricked
by the points
that sew the threads
of my plights;
Unraveling distance
like the spool of a kite.
Can you be there to kiss me
and tell me that things are all right?
Delight my lack of apprehension
for this invitational extension,
and the fact that I've EVEN mentioned
your inclusion
in my plans for tonight...
Should only prove further
the extent of my like.
Do you SEE what I mean?
Do you WANT to be free?
Because I feel more now than ever
you're JUST what I need.
We'd sleep on our troubles
and have cannabis dreams
and we might even dabble in cigarette schemes;
all I would need is Life, you, and my light.
The world's best hotel suites
with i-pod docks
and swipe card locks,
only sound safe to me
if you are my rock.
Are you in
are you not?
If they're cold,
then we'll show them
what it means to be hot.
If you're low,
then I'll rise you to the top
of my priority list.
So, truly,
what do you make of this?
Can we make a run for it?

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