Maybe In A Different Life, Perhaps In A Different Time

We were in the wrong Time.
I could feel it 
and your face revealed it. 
Sealed it.
My presence held no essence in the air for you,
And just so you know that I care for you,
that I'm always there for you,
it's only fair to you 
to let us dwindle 
like a spindle;
threading lies 
that you'll quickly unravel in a second 
and leave me bare to you.
I'll be left with dying embers
of what I remember of our flame.
I don't know when it left 
or when we came.
But how cold are you?
Don't you know how fast I burn for you?
If you were to watch me,
I'd stop.
My hands would turn to your face,
like a clock...
my hour
to be with the one.
But maybe in another life,
Perhaps some other Time.
In another time,
in another place,
you and I were a special case.
I had a different name
and a different face.
we must've had us quite the chase,
on how you make my heartbeat race.
And in this haste, 
I must've left at lightening speed;
jet set here
to outer space.
But that was then
And this is now.
But maybe in some other life, 
Definitely at a different Time...
than now.

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