Music Madness: Alejandro - Lady Gaga

"Don't call my name...don't call my name...ALEJANDRO..." 

So, before the video even dropped...I was in love with this song. I thought it was SO funny. Clearly, on the surface its a song about Gaga rejecting an old Hispanic lover. And Behold, the video drops and GAGA has dropped a bomb again! But what does all this mean? The first time I peeped it, I was like Nazi's...uhhh...didn't Madonna do something like this? But then I put my occult/esoteric thinking cap on to try and dissect the video. The interpretation I came up with did not digress too far from what seems to be the main current of themes in music videos today...the deconstruction of organized religion, the establishment of the military state...and of course...Love, Fashion, & good ol' Fashion Brainwashing. Let's see if I can break down my interpretation for you guys: 

Well first, let me just say that this video gives the song crazyyyy dimensions. Kind of like a fashion model...but the song opens with Gaga...talking to her old love...praying...because Alejandro is her euphemism for God...and the song, at large, is discussing her choice to reject her relationship with the Catholic Church, traditional feminine roles and appearances, and perhaps even monogamy.

"I know that we are young/
and I know that you may love me/
but I just can't be with you like this/

The opening of the music video establishes a suppressed policed society...perhaps even a gay suppressed society. Two of the men are "wearing" the occult symbols that oppress them in a dark fashion...the pyramid of hierarchy and the "Star of David" (better understood as the occult symbol meaning as above so below). 

Then, Gaga, the "dark ice queen" unveils her eye of illumination, as she oversees the oppressed, dancing 

...after the precession of the death of the one with the sacred heart...(this clearly has religious connotations) but also notice that "Lady Gaga" is a HIGH fashion ice queen...and the sacred heart has a fashion needle piecing through it.
The music video juxtaposes feminized men with traditionally machismo men holding guns. The feminized men are dancing and fighting with each other, possibly hinting at inner struggles with their manhood while the machismo militia are being held up by strings (hinting at the fact that they are puppets and they are being controlled)...using their manhood as a weapon.


Gaga also playing the nun character, is controlled by strings as well...

"She's got both hands/
In her pocket/
And she won't look at you/
(Won't look you at)
She hides through love/
en su bolsillo/
She got a halo around her finger/
Around you"
The above mentioned lyrics can be interpreted in several ways. On the surface level, we get the sense that the ice queen is speaking about herself in regards to her relationship with "Fernando". You could also say that she is speaking about the effect of the celibate nun married to Jesus, from a Catholic's perspective. You could also say that she is referring to a model...posing as she goes down the runway...captivating the audience with her glow.

The bridge...

As we literally and metaphorically cross the bridge with Gaga, she says...

"You know that I love you boy/
Hot like Mexico, rejoice/
At this point I gotta choose/
Nothing to loose..."

The song is hinting at her making some kind of transition. It could mean several things...her rejection of... a boy, her Catholic upbringing, her male model counterpart(s), tradition, you name it...I think she's realeasing herself of everything sacred, everything traditional. She represents this transition, by shedding off her clothes...and being as "nude and crude" as she possibly can...f*cking with androgyny ...good and bad, male and female, domination and submission for her greater goal...
(its kind of like Jay-Z saying..."I got a million ways to get it...CHOOSE ONE)

The chorus...

"Don't call my name/
Don't call my name, Alejandro/
I'm not your babe/
I'm not your babe, Fernando/

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch/
Just smoke one cigarette more/
Don't call my name/
Don't call my name, Roberto..."

Dare I say, Gaga is calling out to all to secretly reject God...the way she has 3 names for Fernando...hints at a trinity of some sort. There are so many dimensions to the lyrics and songs, she could also be calling for the rejection of oppression, the rejection of attachment to any one person...SO MANY POSSIBLE MEANINGS!! It WORKS (snaps fingers) on so many levels...perhaps that's why she needs a cigarette break.

The next verse...

"She's not broken/
She's just a baby/
But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad/
Draw those flames that burn before him/
Now he's gonna find a fight, gonna fool the bad..."

...continues with the multi-dimensional metaphor. Anyone who has watched America's Next Top Model...can just hear Mr. Jay telling the model to make herself look broken. And further, we all know that the entertainment industry favors can see the image of a young, beautiful model getting spoiled and using a boy to buy her everything she wants. However, you could also interpret the lyrics on a more sexual she's still a her relationship with God...still yet to be broken down...

So in conclusion...

The video concludes with Gaga completely clothed again, dancing with androgyny. There are flashes of her on a stage...with slicked back hair...a very masculine identity. She also has Madonna's gun-bra...which hints at Gaga paying tribute to themes that Madonna previously discussed in a previous generation..."Release yourself." Gaga has crossed seems that the nun has transformed into some evil, sexual, satanic high priestess with the inverted cross at her crotch...meaning the perversion of the sacred sacrifice that Jesus made on Calvary.

Essentially...when Gaga swallows the rosary...

she is making herself a god (of fashion, music, sexuality, identity)...she's SAVING herself in an oppressed society.

Gaga is CRAZY. No doubt about it. But you have to learn to take the good with the bad. Undeniably, the video is genius...evil...and entertaining all at the same time. I think the most important thing you can get from the video is that you have to BREAK DOWN the images that the media is giving you. There's nothing to fear if you KNOW and understand what society is feeding you...

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  1. You are SO on the money. How the heck do you figure all this stuff out! I think you're a freaking genius and I want the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to know!!! ANNMARGARET IS A MOTHER F***ING GENIUS!!!!!