My Dream Home

I want to live in a beach house somewhere
where the water's translucent
and naturally clear
and the weather gives more 
than short shares of fair,
and natural disasters 
are far less than rare.
I don't even care
if I'm alone in this home
or if my presence is known.
I'd sleep lovely with the company of consistency.
The consistency of liberty 
to do as I wish,
to not sink when I think
or float like a boat,
  but to swim like a fish!
  I'd record in the sand all those past times I wrote.
I'd dream like a fiend,
and motion my way through the most epic of scenes.
  A sun-kissed romantic,
making love to the light...
I'd outstretch my arms
and run to embrace
the warm rays of sunshine that beam on my face.
I'd sleep with the stars 
without fear of the night.
Time would mean nothing.
Well, no...
it'd be something:
My day would be now,
the last second forever,
and I'd cast out to sea 
my bottled conceptions of never
and be drunk off the proof 
of the clear 
in the ever.
my moment would be here
and the incessance of ticking 
would just disappear.
I pray for this home,
this place of my own...

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