[BooMBuSSiT] Lady Luck and the Unsolved Mystery

Knock, knockin'
in a red dress---
She was banging at the door.
Hot stuff,
Lady Luck,
many labeled her whore
it wasn't trickin' 'less you got her
highly favored ones implored;
She's a player to the core...
and never truly yours...
But anyway...
she was banging at his door!
Needs no invitation,
he was pacin' polished floors.
Said she had a case..
said she wants him to explore...
His private eye detected
she was after something more,
but regardless of intentions
he was absolutely sure
that it didn't really matter;
  what the fuck
she lookin' for.
He offered her a seat,
and o u t s t r e t c h e d his feet,
and grabbed an extra pen out his lower-level drawer.
He thought,
as the clues began to pour,
and he jotted down the facts
like a prospect on a tour;
She offered him the bank;
straight flowin' , like a mini reservoir,
not to mention
she was fashioned to the caliber
of something similar
to Christian Dior... 
(To Be Continued...)

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