Are You A Light in the Dark? by AnnMargaret

Are you a light in the dark?
I'm not speaking of
or sequence,
or art.
I speak of the spark,
that sets one apart
and casts forth a glare
to show what thou art.
If the skies were to part,
and reign were to fall,
could I trust in my heart
that, however so small,
you'd heed to the call
to join all that flicker
in the darkest of spots?
Forget 'bout the dirt
and who has and has not,
for a we without all
finds truth
that in large
we, humans, are nothing,
if not all.
We can light up a room
or darken the place,
hence, these are the markers
of our human race.
Try something for me.
No, really, just trust.
Flick on your lighter
or strike up your match
whenever with whoever,
at wherever you're at.
Now cover the flame
with your open free hand;
Feel that warmth and that glow?
Well, it lives within man.
Imagine that feeling?
Crossing the land.
Let's go back to the start...
Are you a light in the dark?

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