Walking Away From Eden by AnnMargaret

When Eve ate the apple, she consumed the knowledge of the land.
She knew the knowledge of a man,
she held the power in her hand.
Safe to say, the woman gained some insight on His plan.
The snake lay content as he wriggled in the sand,
glad that he could introduce the idea of jealousy to man.
Adam learned that Eve was his, and marked her with a wedding band.
And with the "crisp" of the bite, that's how this all began...
Never would an apple ever taste so sweet;
Adam learned to kill so that he and Eve could eat,
and learned to take dominion over everything he sees.
Soon they learned the dangers of consumption of the meat,
and hormonal imbalances pushed a woman to accept a man who cheats.
Hagar contemplated fairness and learned not to take defeat
hence came the concept of acting before you speak.
Forward through the times, came a soldier from the Valley of the Lost.
He preached about forgiveness and we nailed him to a cross.
Who knew that the debt of education would come at such a cost?
Or, better, that receiving such enlightenment would deliver such a loss?
Brilliance bore the light and exposed the darkness of the night;
Analyzing stars bore prophecy out of fright,
and stirred up more confusion when a prediction wasn't right.
The more we get confused, the more we want to fight,
the more we get defensive, the more we act on spite,
the more the racist hates your skin when it deviates from the standard of the white.
The more we get to know, the more we cease to grow.
Knowledge is a hindrance, that's what the research shows.
The abundant vegetation is depleted at the source
to produce the sheets of paper that I use to pass a course
that teaches me to get ahead so I can be a boss,
which scares me 'cause they're cloning me...
when I die the world won't have to feel a loss.
The woman, now, is like a man, earning what he makes,
And don't get me wrong, I really think that's great...
She's working in an apple factory, over run by snakes.
Revelations says that Mother Earth will save woman out of sympathy.
The devil laughs maliciously:
"Too late for such sister solidarity..."
He snickers at our attempts of bonding and comradery.
Perhaps we should have learned to listen;
We know now that the fruit was hard to bare,
that ignorance is bliss; we learned the devil doesn't care.
Walking away from Eden, we left the answers there.

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