The Definition of A Friend by AnnMargaret

Globally, unknowingly, today it seems that people often do pretend
that changing times have not yet amplified our confusion of the definition of a friend.
Reflecting on its definition time and time again
will help in reassuring that we have true companions in the end.

A friend is like an endless source; an oasis of inspiration
that you can go to quench your thirst and revive your dedication
to the gifts that you've been given, realized through thought and meditation,
and encourages you to be your best, so you can be the next sensation.

A true friend seeks to comfort you and always shows concern,
when fire wants to play with you. They'd hate to see you burn.
They'll never try and stunt your growth, they want to see you learn
and rejoice in any accolades that learning helps you earn.

In times of strife throughout your life, they help you rise above
the adversities and uncertainties because they always show you love.
Every disagreement can be dissolved with a metaphoric hug
because true friends always find a way to sweep the dirt under the rug.

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