"Life" by AnnMargaret

In between a conclusion and a beginning, a string of events that brink from a predetermined awakening of consciousness draws a line to separate mere existence from habitual persistence. How soon we realize that there is a global network of billions of lines hugging the globe, all giving off a relatively powerful vibrational frequency due to their indestructible will to persist, is how soon we realize that we are all connected; all of us are necessary elastic bands bound to an unnecessary plastic ball that allows us to bounce from concrete foundations and glass ceilings in a very necessary, incomprehensible, multi-dimensional universe. That energy from our global network is the very essence of God and that's all there ever was and all they'll ever be: A global network of habitually persisting sentient beings working for the greater common good. Prayer, compassion and balance help us to discipline our conscious efforts to consistently work towards a greater environment for us ALL. When you reach your conclusion, you get the peace of knowing the generations to follow will all be nurtured by the balance of the global network.
L I F E is about remembering the reality of your duality. They may have made us plastic but that means we all can bounce!

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