Appreciating Art: Calma

Stephan Doistchinoff aka Calma is a Brazilian painter, muralist and performance art choreographer. He's internationally known for his art and he's pretty ILL.  Recently, he's dropped new art and had another solo show for his line, CRAS (a latin term that means 'tomorrow'). In his recent interview with Juxtapoz magazine he explained the inspiration for his new line and what emotions he was trying to bring to his audience. Here's an excerpt from the magazine article:

"Some of the pieces for the show create a dialogue with this idea of urgency. Emphasizing to not leave the important things for tomorrow; do what you believe in now. Death is right behind you so open your eyes, live life fully, with a heart light as a feather…life is moving fast."
The second theme for his new line is called NOVO ASCETICISMO (which translates to new asceticism). The idea behind this theme is focuses is inspired by his belief in the "acceptance of sacrifice the modern man must go through in order to keep on a right path." In other words, the influence of media...big business...government...are all things that the modern man must abstain from in order to remain righteous. DOPE CONCEPT. Check out some of the pics...

To get more info on Calma check out his website.

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