The Picture of Perfect

I know I've seen you before.
I do,  
because I remember taking a picture with you.
You had bought me something sweet
in a dream 
with lots of green
But then I lost it.
I lost the damn picture!
I went frantic,
writing about you 
and me
and this picture.
I was M A D.
Throwing words 
and living verbs  
so that I might remember you.
It was like...
the more I remembered of you
the more I could never be sure
that I had the image EXACTLY right.
Like, no...
that's not right...
questioning my sight;
  I distinctly remember your face
capturing the essence of a different light...
in a dream, maybe.
you get it.
You know what I mean
and me knowing that you know me
is exactly what I need.
Coming close to proving that I know you
does wonders for my self-esteem.
I've seen 
so many pictures
of imitations 
of you..
And I'm such a fool.
I could have saved you!
Now, I rephrase to one day reface you.
Like sweet music,
you're the only thing
I'll ever chase to.
But first, 
I have to see you.

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