My Constant

Amidst the flashing beams of light,
I travel 
back and forth 
in Life. 
Relative to where I am,
My echo shouts:
"my Constant!"
Mirror me
you know
to hold my shape.
You've carved and scraped,
with love and hate,
what neither Time nor state 
could initiate.
You facilitate 
what man 
and sand 
and Saturn's plan
had always known would consummate 
when enlightenment 
struck primal apes. 
You truly are: 
my Constant. 

Stay right there. 
Don't change,
Don't move. 
I've seen all hell...
I'll see the moon.
Far beyond
you're my looming star 
that loves to rest;
so never stress...
I'll wake-up call you in autotune,
and only you 
will know my voice.
by NO choice
are you
my Constant. 
If I run, you know 
it's all for fun.
I'll win the race.
I'll jump the gun.
and track our chase 
to outer space.
They think I'm deep 
or, rather, strange.
think of them 
about the same, 
so, truly here
now who's to blame?
They see I'm not from any one set place
and they're barely here, 
merely tears
speeding down
with quickened pace,
to an empty, 
dark and dismal space.
But you...
You're so matter of fact,
my Constant

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