[BooMBuSSiT] Sex in Transit

I wrote this for a friend who rode out a bad relationship for wayyyyy too long. 

He's so cold
She's shivering.
  She's so deep
he's sinking in...
He calls again.
Her pulse quickening
  and it's sickening...
how heat rise with them,
when she rides for him,
and when night fall comes,
she dies for him.

And when sunrise runs,
she cries after it.
Not quite sure what's happening.
Is she... imagining
her knees fastening?
Heart strings held tight,
now, just slackening?

 The train moves fast,
and they're packin' in.
This couple sits down
and starts grappling.
But with her head phones in,
She's P I C T U R I N G
how it's gonna feel like
to get back to him.

The train rides made her back go soar;
  not quite sure why she's ON IT for.
  The climate's poor,
  and the lack of discourse
on how their tracks have crisscrossed
is bound to ex out
their unreasonable,

BUT she's his Doll
and he's her Soldier
and they'll play house
till IT blows over.
UnTil then...
her train's here now;
  she'll still come over
like a game of Red Rover.

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