[BooMBuSSiT] For Heaven's Sake

F L A S H of blinding light
exposed Time's trick.
The allied cold and the ailing sick
were both cured
with just one sip
of the Elixir of Truth:
The body is a foolish illusion.
Humans are so  deluded.
Perfection obtained
does NOT satisfy the convoluted
of LOOKING insane.
When we see Heaven
we'll be out of our brains;
all feel the same.
We'll be free of the physical,
free of the chains
of our original sin...
that is,
being human.
Who, THEN,
could see your differences,
when they cannot see themselves
in a condition to judge you?
At the end of Time,
there is no choice
but to love YOU;
no One above you,
just of you
and the source
of light
that was there
way  before
you knew
to say
"I'm afraid of the night!"
For Heaven's sake,
such an occurrence sounds impossible,
and yet  it's coming.
Whether we like it or not,
whether the weather
is freezing or hot,
Heaven's on the way...

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