I Die Every Day by Josiah Fowler

dieing every single day of your life
Either to your own hand, or your decisions…
I die every day
Atomic collisions, catastrophic incisions, diabolic mixture of fusion and fission, confusin those listening
Digging holes in my brain, hiding finite truth
Wine tonight suits
Evening’s attire
Breathe in fire, and out comes water
Hotter than its matter can hold as liquid
An ambitious mind can accomplish much
A fissure in time can restart it all to dust
Where I play Adam and highly suggest He not create Eve
As it encourages evil n greed to appease what I die for every day-
Selfish desire, happiness without values, wisdom n no morals, lust; envy, Lord send me
An imaginary cloak to only be seen n remembered as dieing
No off days, no sick days, no vaca
I die ritually every day!
Stupidity houses stubbornness, shelters loneliness, what kind of home is this? The kind Homer wished would some how exist cause the intellectuals know the truth
Entertainers too.
Their knowledge of the idea of wisdom is what makes them fight so hard to take over power
Insinuates there is a current Ruler
Hidden ever since your class required you to bring a ruler
The Church-
You cannot fool her
Though her children are weak alone
Seek to clone, their thoughts and show them where their desire wants to go
Brain malfunctioned, too many drinks at your work place function and it’s only a luncheon
I die every day
To disease, to vengeance, to a head list,
Old bread kissed dead fish
How now will the hungry be fed?
Anxiety blamed by piety, forced dichotomy to exist in sanity
And you wonder who stole it?
Unhand Her, She is your only true means
Instead emerge your thoughts into why you’re so anxious
Most of the time we don’t understand and claim it’s for a reason unknown to one’s own self
If you don’t know where it came from it didn’t come from you and health science only attempts to nail the truth
Just like they nailed the Truth, to be crucified
Though it’s resurrected and is still alive.
The unknown factor is a hacker, implanting vices like mice to scatter through your mainframe
This time leavin no trace and the window of time erased
So you are totally lost
In life AND in regards to the situation
A lost human puts their trust in a stranger for directions
A stranger waiting to be seeked for… truth
Knows it, but spews lies, dictates minds
And uses invisible string so we can’t tell the puppeteer
Just know it came from above n God is framed
And the frame you had of Him above the fire place
Is in the fire
What your deceiver wants
Uncover the other half of your brain n heart
It’s there
Just have to Die every day to live to see
Too much for you?
Don’t want to do that?
Ok, keep dieing by living
I only truly live when I die
Are you still covering one eye?

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