1-18-10 by Portia Ross

salty soaking my spaghetti necklace and finger paintings. Over four feet now and growing far from the floor; I am standing. You must realize that: i am standing. That my mind works wirelessly, independently from the umbilical cord connection. I am okay. I can breathe and change my own clothes and feed my mouth and my brain. I know what tastes bad or good for either. and you have to just trust that I will not poison myself. Poison no matter is still for me to learn. to not prick my finger on the spindle, to not eat the apple from this women whose much too good looking to be an old lady. I am capable. Able to do things that may cloudy your waters but that is merely a coincidence. and I need you, it is crucial that you realize this. The black goes against your white but it is not typical metaphors and color symbolism. Mother it is only the distinguishing of you from me.

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