Dying Nation Realization by Cristina Bocchini

As I methodically challenge your process of thought
I render you speechless
your lack of conscience is caught
see what I've brought
is lyrical blasphemy to what founding fathers taught
as corruption destruction leaves mothers distraught
I am
the government chip in your brain
bias-wrapped scillicon in your veins
a virus trying to explain
the truth, from which you refrain
of an age when tyrants & bigots will rein
stained lips
a child of Jesus
preaching the scripts
to disenfranchised masses running on microchips
white girl with hips
Puerto Rican with lips
that spit truth through direction
like you I lack perfection
with you I'm tryna make a connection
to see that this infection that leaves children home with neglection needs correction
to see that Mother Earth is in need of some reflection
my words infest your thoughts without any detection
& change your ideals with instant deflection
and as i direct your attention
to what time the clock is on
I remind you that every second that's added on
there's a war out there that's already begun
the age of reason has already been done
so where the fuck will you be when half the battle is won??

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