Astrology: The Science of Personalities by AnnMargaret

Have you ever seen a star
that shined like the sun in Leo?
Ground you to compassion,
like the Virgin did for the Holy Trio?
An infectious type of enigma,
radiating Cancer like Chemo
with a presence so intense,
undresses stress,
under the Scorpion influences of Pluto.
They mite test the best of you,
but bless the Bull,
it's respectable,
like the Taurus, giving you kudos.
They follow you like fashion,
a Sagitarrian passion,
cause it moves where ever the truth goes.
Natural fluidity,
practicing the political polygamy
that keeps Aquarians cool, yo.
They've been changing earth,
since birth,
with a Capricornian view.
noble in their conviction
to fight for benediction
like a true Arian hero.
Encompassing all spirituality,
with the mysterious Piscean reality,
or dissecting various dichotomies
with a curious Geminian propriety.
In truth,
you're just in love
with their balanced sense of LIBRAN compliancy.
Astrology, symbolically,
investigates the science of the spirit.
God reflected our personalities
from the celestial tapestry,
the Sun
and all of the planets near it.
Every sign is needed;
an essential mix personalities
making sure that everything is completed.

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