Balance: Use the Ying Yang by AnnMargaret

Balance is one of the most crucial aspects of life; the masculine and the feminine, the positive and the negative, day and night, the good and the bad. Seeking balance in everything you do is the first stage to realizing that you reside within a sentient nation.

On a fundamental level, the human being can use the ying-yang as a reminder of the duality that exists within the self. Every person has characteristics of both the yin and the yang. Actively maintianing the balance in one self can begin as easily as making a conscious effort to embrace both your positive and negative emotions or giving thought to every action.

Once you have disciplined yourself to this mindset, the system of balance will be easily applicable to a grander scale. If the self is balanced, it will naturally want to seek balance with everything that surrounds it. Much like the balance of duality found within the self, so exists this same duality in nature. The individual who incessantly has great fortune bestowed on him or her, should be aware of those who have experienced tremendous losses. Those who have witnessed a series of unfortunate events, should continue to look for those who serve as reminders of life's inevitable pay-offs. Use the Ying Yang to remember to get balanced!

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